EcoFootprint Challenge


  • calculator
  • computer with Internet access
  • tape measure


  1. Calculate the size of your home in square feet.
    • Measure the length and width of each room.
    • Multiply length by width to calculate the square footage of each room.
    • Add the square footage of each room to get the total square footage of your home.
    • Total size of home__
  2. Find out the fuel efficiency in mpg (miles per gallon) of your family's primary vehicle. If yourfamily does not own a car, estimate the average fuel efficiency of the vehicle in which youride.
    • Fuel efficiency __
  3. Estimate the percentage of food you eat that is processed, packaged, and not locally grown (grown more than 200 miles away). Many packaged foods, fruits, and vegetables often have a label or sticker with the origin of the product.
    • Amount of process, packaged, food