Me & Math:Reflecting On My Critical Thinking & Learning

Anna C

The Intellectual Virtue I Chose:
Intellectual Independence
How I have worked to develop my critical thinking through this virtue:

I did a power point

Getting Started:
  • Select one of the following "intellectual virtues" from the video:
    • Intellectual Independence - doing my own thinking
    • Intellectual Perseverence - working to understand problems/concepts, even when they're tough
    • Intellectual Courage - having the courage to ask questions when things seem unclear, or explain my thinking when I believe my answer is correct
  • Consider the following questions and how you might respond to each
  • Think carefully about how you could make your thinking "visible" and easy for others to understand (consider creating a script, or draft notes)
    • The activity, lesson and/or experience that shows my critical thinking and <insert your selected "intellectual virtue" here> in math was....because...
    • This matters, or is important to mebecause...
    • I will use, or apply this to strengthen myself as a learner and think more critically in other areas by...
  • Using at least TWO different forms of media, craft your response to each question (audio file, video, images, text, links to work sample, other)
  • Post your audio file, video, images, text, links, etc. to the top of this page.
  • Check to be sure your file appears once you save your page.